Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 5

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Chetham Society., 1845 - Cheshire (England)


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Page 15 - The grand security of our Government and the very pillar upon which it stands, is founded upon the steady belief of the subject's obligation to an absolute and unconditional obedience to the supreme power in all things lawful, and the utter illegality of resistance on any pretence whatsoever.
Page 20 - An Act for the uniformity of public prayers and administration of sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies, and for establishing the form of making, ordaining, and consecrating bishops, priests, and deacons, in the Church of England...
Page 263 - Majesty and his successors all treasons and traitorous conspiracies which I shall know to be against him or any of them. And...
Page 21 - ... receive the sacrament of the Lord's supper, according to the usage of the Church of England...
Page 4 - ... and that there is no power but of God, and that the powers which be are ordained of God.
Page 132 - Lads, here is to our Master's Health ; though I can do no more, I wish you good success.' His Leg was cut off by an unskilful Butcher, rather than a Surgeon, and he presently died.
Page 38 - No alteration, that I know of, is intended but in things declared to be alterable by the church itself. And, if things alterable be altered upon the grounds of prudence and charity, and things defective be supplied, and things abused be restored to their proper use, and things of a more ordinary composition revised and improved, whilst the doctrine, government, and worship of the church remain entire in all the substantial parts of them...
Page 274 - A full, true, and comprehensive view of Christianity : containing a short historical account of religion from the creation of the world to the fourth century after our Lord Jesus Christ ; as also the complete duty of a Christian in relation to faith, practice, worship, and rituals, set forth sincerely, without regard to any modern church, sect, or party...
Page 54 - And we hereby faithfully promise and engage, that every officer who joins with us in our king and country's cause, shall not only enjoy the same post he now does, but shall be advanced and preferred according to his rank and station, and the number of men he brings off with him to us. And each foot soldier so joining us, shall have twenty shillings sterling, and each trooper or dragoon who brings horse and accoutrements along with him twelve pounds sterling, gratuity, besides their pay.
Page 21 - effects any such quarrel might have ; so he moved, that an ' effectual security might be found against Popery, and that * nothing might interpose till that was done. When that was • over, then they would try to deserve some favour; but at ' present, they were willing to lie under the severity of the laws, ' rather than clog a more necessary work with their concerns.

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