David Ricardo: Critical Assessments I and II

Front Cover
John Cunningham Wood
Routledge, 1993 - Reference - 2737 pages
The contributions of David Ricardo have remained at the heart of economic theory for nearly two hundred years. Workin in many fields, he was responsible for major advances in monetary theory and value theory, for the "iron law of wages," for the theory of comparative advantage, and for the general system of political economy expounded in hisPrinciples. The publication ofDavid Ricardo: Critical Assessmentsin 1985 set a new standard for Ricardo scholarship. Containing a comprehensive selection of the critical literature on Ricardo, it is an invaluable reference for scholars working on this major figure. However, the extraordinary vitality of Ricardo's legacy has produced major developments in Ricardo studies in the decade following publication. The new volumes complete the project of the earlier assessments by making available the many major articles which have appeared subsequently. In particular, these include contributions to the major controversies sparked by the differentinterpretations of Ricardo by Piero Sraffa, Paul Samuelson and Samuel Hollander.

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