Letters to a Young Lady,: In which the Duties and Character of Women are Considered, Chiefly with a Reference to Prevailing Opinions, Volume 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster-row., 1806 - Women - 514 pages

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Page 394 - Arminianism, and all the isms that were ever broached in this world of error and ignorance. The Divinity of the Reformation is called Calvinism, but injuriously ; it has been that of the Church of Christ in all ages; it is the Divinity of St. Paul, and of St. Paul's master, who met him in his way to Damascus.
Page 144 - Should we, at entering the apartment, efcape the work-boxes, foot-flools, and cufhions for lapdogs, our debut may ftill be celebrated by the overthrow of half a dozen top-gallant fcreens, as many perfume jars, or even by the total demolition of a glafs cabinet, ftuck full of fluffed monfters. By an inadvertent remove of our chair backwards, we may thruft it through the paper frame of the book-ftand, or the pyramidal flowerbafket ; and our nearer approach to the fire is barricadoed by nodding mandarines...
Page 389 - I hear that there are contentions and fchifms " among you. Every one of you faith, ' I am of " Paul, I of Apollos, and I of Cephas, and I of
Page 183 - Romans , is become the happy feat of liberty, plenty, and letters; flourifhing in all the arts and refinements of civil life } yet running perhaps the fame courfe, which Rome itfelf had run before it ; from virtuous induftry to wealth ; from wealth to luxury ; from luxury to an impatience of difcipline, and corruption of morals ; till by a total degeneracy and lofs of virtue, being grown ripe for...
Page 197 - Judge of the whole earth does not bestow his spiritual or temporal blessings by any arbitrary rules of unconditional preference. When a talent is given to any one, an account is opened with the giver of it, who appoints a day in which he will arrive and " re-demand his own with usury.
Page 370 - Alexandria, and Antioch, have erred ; fo alfo the Church of Rome hath erred, not only in their living and manner of Ceremonies, but alfo in matters of Faith.
Page 143 - Hackney, or a ftill more tiny drawing-room in Crutched Friars, only waits to know if her Grace has placed them in her baronial refidence, to pronounce that they are comforts without which no foul can exift.
Page 422 - ... 8. No man can come unto Christ unless it shall be given unto him, and unless the Father shall draw him; and all men are not drawn by the Father, that They may come to the Son. 9. It is not in the will or power of every one to be saved.
Page 142 - Jet the giver of the feast complain of disappointment. She aimed not to please, but to dazzle; not to gratify her guests by the cheerful hilarity of her table, but to announce her own superiority in taste or in expense. When the hospitable hostess spreads her plain but plentiful board for friendship and kindred, for those whom she loves or respects, those whom she seeks to oblige, or those to whom she wishes to acknowledge obligation, where vanity and self are kept out of sight...
Page 93 - With cureless pangs, and woes that mock relief, Droop in soft sorrow o'er a faded flower ; O'er a dead jack-ass pour...

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