The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies, Volume 1

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John Stockdale, 1793 - Agriculture - 474 pages

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Page 169 - That all Children of any of Our Natural born Subjects of England to be born in Jamaica, shall from their respective Births be reputed to be, and shall be free Denizens of England, and shall have the same Priviledges to all Intents and Purposes as Our Free-born Subjects of England...
Page 97 - ... as the former. The night is their chief time of proceeding ; but if it rains by day, they do not fail to profit by the occasion ; and they continue to move forward in their slow uniform manner.
Page 112 - the effort of an active genius, guided by experience, and acting upon a regular plan, executed with no less courage than perseverance. But from this adventure of the Portuguese, it appears that chance might have accomplished that great design, which it is now the pride of human reason to have formed and perfected. If the sagacity of Columbus had not conducted mankind to America, Cabral, by a fortunate...
Page 262 - WHEREAS there was this day read at the Board a Report from the Right Honourable the Lords, of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs dated the first of last month in the words following Viz.
Page 183 - Every valley has its rivulet, and every hill its cascade. In one point of view, where the rocks overhang the ocean, no less than eight transparent waterfalls are beheld in the same moment. Those only who have been long at sea, can judge of the emotion which is felt by the thirsty voyager at so enchanting a prospect.
Page 277 - Most Excellent Majesty in Council. Upon reading at the Board a report from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs, dated the 4th of this instant, in the words following, viz...
Page 6 - The tempeBOOK rature of the air varies indeed considerably acs^v^, cording to the elevation of the land; but, with this exception, the medium degree of heat is much the same in all the countries of this part of the globe.
Page 97 - ... to help the delivery. For this purpose, the crab has no sooner reached the shore, than it eagerly goes to the edge of the water, and lets the waves wash over its body two or three times.
Page 9 - The waters however with which these congregated vapours load the atmosphere, seldom fall with great and general force, until the beginning of October. It is then that the heavens pour down cataracts. An European who has not visited...
Page 84 - I am satisfied, that upon a more minute scrutiny into their early operations in the new world, however reprehensible the actions of individuals may appear, the conduct of the nation will be placed in a more favourable light.

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