The Englishman's Bible: How He Got, and why He Keeps it

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Wesleyan Conference Office, 1879 - Bible - 152 pages

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Page 147 - Then kneeling down, to Heaven's eternal King, The saint, the father, and the husband prays: Hope "springs exulting on triumphant wing," That thus they all shall meet in future days, There ever bask in uncreated rays, No more to sigh, or shed the bitter tear, Together hymning their Creator's praise. In such society, yet still more dear; While circling time moves round in an eternal sphere.
Page 147 - Perhaps the Christian volume is the theme: How guiltless blood for guilty man was shed; How He Who bore in Heaven the second name Had not on earth whereon to lay His head; How His first followers and servants sped; The precepts sage they wrote to many a land; How he, who lone in' Patmos banished, Saw in the sun a mighty angel stand, And heard great Bab'lon's doom pronounced by Heaven's command. Then kneeling down to Heaven's Eternal King, The saint, the father, and the husband prays; Hope 'springs...
Page 146 - They chant their artless notes in simple guise; They tune their hearts, by far the noblest aim : Perhaps ' Dundee's ' wild warbling measures rise, Or plaintive *• Martyrs...
Page 146 - The sire turns o'er, wi' patriarchal grace, The big ha' Bible, ance his father's pride ; His bonnet rev'rently is laid aside, His lyart haffets wearing thin an' bare ; Those strains that once did sweet in Zion glide, He wales a portion with judicious care ; And " Let us worship God !
Page 6 - With Portrait. Price is. 6d. Toase (W.) Memorials of the Rev. William Toase. Compiled by a Friend. With an Introduction by the Rev. WILLIAM ARTHUR, MA Crown 8vo.
Page 89 - Be of good comfort, master Ridley, and play the man. We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
Page 10 - Climbing : A Manual for the Young who Desire to Rise in Both Worlds. By the Rev. BENJAMIN SMITH. Crown 8vo. Sixth Edition. Our Visit to Rome, with Notes by the Way. By the Rev. JOHN RHODES. Royal i6mo. Forty-five Illustrations.
Page 9 - Sunshine in the Kitchen ; or, Chapters for Maid Servants. Fourth Thousand. Crown 8vo. Numerous Illustrations. By Rev. B. SMITH. Way-Marks : Placed by Royal Authority on the King's Highway. Being One Hundred Scripture Proverbs, Enforced and Illustrated. Crown 8vo. Eight Page Engravings. By Rev. B. SMITH.
Page 6 - Price 4s. 6d. Tucker (Mrs. J.) Memoir of Mrs. Jane Tucker, wife of the Rev. Charles Tucker, some time Missionary to Haabai and Tonga. By Mrs. GF WHITE. Edited by the Rev. HW WILLIAMS, DD Crown 8vo. Price 2s.
Page 61 - I defer to speak at this time and understood at the last not only that there was no room in my lord of London's palace to translate the new testament, but also that there was no place to do it in all England, as experience doth now openly declare.

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