The Alberta Law Reports: Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Alberta ... Reported Under the Authority of the Law Society of Alberta, Volume 20

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Page 67 - ... no such company shall make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to or in favour of any particular person or company, or any particular description of traffic, in any respect whatsoever...
Page 479 - The directors may delegate any of their powers to committees consisting of such member or members of their body as they think fit. Any committee so formed shall in the exercise of the powers so delegated conform to any regulations that may be imposed on them by the directors.
Page 182 - ... to sell he will have a right to sell the goods at the time when the property is to pass. 2. An implied warranty that the buyer shall have and enjoy quiet possession of the goods as against any lawful claims existing at the time of the sale.
Page 295 - In deciding upon this intent, the chief and most satisfactory index for the judge is found in the circumstance whether or not the particular element of the alleged extrinsic negotiation is dealt with at all in the writing. If it is mentioned, covered, or dealt with in the writing, then presumably the writing was meant to represent all of the transaction on that element; if it is not, then probably the writing was not intended to embody that element of the negotiation.
Page 316 - There can be no doubt that a man may by an absolute contract bind himself to perform things which subsequently become impossible, or to pay damages for the non-performance, and this construction is to be put upon an unqualified undertaking, where the event which causes the impossibility was or might have been anticipated and guarded against in the contract, or where the impossibility arises from the act or default of the promisor.
Page 479 - The business of the Company shall be managed by the directors, who may pay all expenses incurred in getting up and registering the Company, and may exercise all such powers of the Company...
Page 321 - And this difference was taken, that where the law creates a duty or charge, and the party is disabled to perform it without any default in him, and hath no remedy over, there the law will excuse him.
Page 359 - ... within six years next after the cause of such actions or suit, and not after...
Page 493 - ... he shall be released from all further or other proceedings, civil or criminal, for the same cause (m).
Page 182 - In a contract to sell or a sale, unless a contrary intention appears, there is— 1. An implied warranty on the part of the seller that in the case of a sale he has a right to sell the goods, and that in case of a contract to sell he will have a right to sell the goods at the time when the property is to pass.

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