Second Treatise of Government (Annotated)

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Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the time-In what follows, some axes of John Locke's political philosophy are analyzed in the perspective of the History of ideas, reflecting on the meaning of it, both in the context of its production and in the current one, taking into account its validity instituted and institutingThe historical meanings of The Second Treatise of Civil Government. An Essay Concerning the True Original, Exent and End of Civil Government of 1690 that is interesting to point out and evaluate, are those that correspond to the very well-known context of its production, as well as to the highly debated current context of its eventual resignification. As for the first, it is a legitimizing text of a liberal and bourgeois revolution that has already occurred, and therefore functional to its consolidation, which implied a historical and theoretical rupture both with the foundations of the medieval order, as with the modern ones of absolutism that Thomas Hobbes, had exposed with geometric clarity in Leviathan: Or the Matter, Form and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiastical and civil published in 1651. As for the second, obviously beyond the intentions and claims of the author himself, be it directly, be it through theoretical updates among which Robert Nozick's may be considered as the most noteworthy,

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