Statutes at Large ...: (43 v.) ... From Magna charta to 1800

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Page 104 - It is to be inquired also of customary tenants that is to -wit how many there be, and how much land every of them holdeth, what works and customs he doth, and what the works and customs of every tenant be worth yearly, and how much rent of assize be paid yearly besides the works and customs, and which of them may be taxed at the will of the lord and which not.
Page 476 - ... any false news or tales, whereby discord, or occasion of discord or slander, may grow between the King and his people, or the great men of the realm ; and he that doth so, shall be taken and kept in prison, until he hath brought him into the court, which was the first author of the tale.
Page 211 - ... so to conceal the death thereof, as that it may not come to light whether it were born alive or not, but be concealed ; in every such case the...
Page 210 - ... any accountable receipt for any note, bill, or other security for payment of money, or any warrant or order for payment of money or delivery of goods, with intention to defraud...
Page 338 - Act for the more effectually punishing of persons convicted of seducing Artificers in the Manufactures of Great Britain or Ireland, out of the Dominions of the Crown of Great Britain ; and to prevent the Exportation of Utensils made use of in the Woollen and Silk Manufactures, from Great Britain or Ireland into Foreign Parts ; and for the more easy and speedy Determination of Appeals, allowed in certain cases by an Act made in the last Session of Parliament...
Page 384 - ... shall not be granted, but only where the king may do it by his oath, that is to say, where a man slayeth another in his own defence, or by misfortune : * * * ****••*•* 12.

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