The Last Days, Death, Funeral Obsequies, &c., of Her Late Majesty, Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain ...: Being a Continuation of The Royal Martyr, Or Memoirs of Queen Caroline ...

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Jones & Company, 1822 - 379 pages


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Page 309 - There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest. There the prisoners rest together; they hear not the voice of the oppressor. The small and great are there; and the servant is free from his master.
Page 84 - Seven wealthy towns contend for Homer dead, Through which the living Homer begged his bread.
Page 293 - ... them ; but the grave has closed over her unrelenting persecutions. Unrelenting I may well call them, for they have not spared her ashes. The evil passions which beset her steps in life, have not ceased to pursue her memory with a resentment more relentless, more implacable than death.
Page 2 - Yes, I am your Queen, will you admit me? " Door-keeper. — My orders are specific, and I feel myself bound to obey them.
Page 258 - Brunswick, but from the neighbouring towns and villages : some families had followed the funeral cortege from Celle, and others even from Hamburgh. The front lines of this immense assemblage carried torches ; and from the double* rows of willows on each side of the road, were suspended lamps of various colours, green, red, and yellow. In the distance were seen the illuminated houses of Brunswick, adding by the fantastic variety of their architecture to the picturesque beauty of the scene, and by...
Page 52 - ... moment, but produced for an hour or two a disposition to doze. About three o'clock the pains returned, attended with the most alarming symptoms. Every means that skill and attention could devise were now employed by the physicians ; but it was all in vain.
Page 259 - A portion, about seven yards square, was separated from the rest by hangings of black cloth, and was illuminated with wax lights. In the middle of this section stood a platform, raised about two feet from the ground : on one side stood the coffin of the gallant father of the Queen, at the foot was the coffin of her gallant brother; both heroes slain in battle when fighting against the tyranny of Buonaparte ; and here, in this appropriate spot, was deposited the remains of Caroline of Brunswick.
Page 259 - As the corpse passed along the aisle into the place of sepulture, a hundred young ladies, of the first families in Brunswick, dressed in white, stood on each side, and scattered flowers before it. In a few seconds the coffin and the mourners had all arrived in the family vault of the illustrious house of Brunswick. The entire space is very large, and already contains fifty-seven coffins of different branches of that ancient family.
Page 39 - English who have always sympathised with my sorrow, and have done all in their power to defeat the malice of my persecutors.
Page 73 - Brunswick for interment, I felt it to be my duty to give directions, in the King's absence, that Her Majesty's intentions in this respect might be carried into effect with as little delay as possible ; and I lost no time in laying before the King the directions which had been issued for this purpose. I have since received His Majesty's commands to continue to act in conformity to the orders first given. I had directed that the funeral should proceed from Brandenburgh House to-morrow morning ; but...

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