Application Divine

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2006 - Religion - 84 pages
This book goes beyond the altar. Taking you into a personal relationship with God. Everyone has a job in the kingdom of heaven. No one is left out. You might ask what can I do for Him? What does He do for you? He gives a clear message to those who listen .He bends His ears to the softest whisper, holding in His arms the broken hearted, bringing healing into the lives of those who call out. When you give your life to Him, you are forever more bound with Him in a contract and what is higher than the name of Jesus? His word my friends. God honors His word. It is forevermore settled on this earth. This great God that I know does not make failure's He creates success. He knows who you are, what you have and don't have, your dreams, address, or lack of address, despair, Remember He watches His own in Exodus when Moses turned to see the burning bush ... God also looked only He was looking at Moses. Smile for life is an exciting journey. Who am I? I am a Blood bought child of the living God. With all of the hopes and dreams that God can place in someone's heart. Am I perfect? Heavens no. Am I taught? Sure I am by the school of life and the Holy Spirit. When God aasks you to do something you simply do it. Do I want the credit for this? Nope not on your life. I have worked as a nurse most of my life in the physical healing arts. Any work that I have done for the Lord is an answered work. The Lord first told me to write many years ago, truly I didn't understand the impact it would have on my life. I thanked Him for sharing His will with me and went back to work as a nurse, isn't the Lord kind and patient. I had no depth, however in your life you grow and mature with Him and slowly my interests changed, amazing isn't He what a good and great God now I can't get enough . The Lord does provide for His people and loves all please join with His amazing grace .God Bless You and thank you for this wonderful opportunity of service to the King.

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Im Relieving You Of Your Responsibilities
Personal Notes
Need for a Jesus Application
Everybody Has a Job
Requirements for This Job
The Saviour
Jesus Job Applications
D N A Evidence Looked Into by This Company
What Are Some of the Things That Brought People To Jesus?
Jesus as a Teacher of the Multitudes
Cost Effective
My Payment For you

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