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Page 35 - Quito, are about fourteen feet from the tip of one wing to that of the other, and the smallest only eight.
Page 295 - And when Jacob had made an end of commanding his sons, he gathered up his feet into the bed, and yielded up the ghost, and was gathered unto his people.
Page 65 - Inn, in the form of a sermon, 'to prove the truth of revealed religion in general, and of the Christian in particular, from the completion of the prophecies in the Old and New Testament, which relate to the Christian church, especially to the apostacy of papal Rome.
Page 127 - ... equations is equal to m. From this last equation the value of n is found to be 53 nearly ; and m is nearly equal to 84-. The mean temperature of the equator, therefore is 84°, and that of the pole 31°. To find the mean temperature for every other latitude, we have only to find 88 arithmetical means between 84 and 31.
Page 292 - Hindoos are obliged to recur, in order to know what day of the month it is ; becaufe the feveral months, both folar and lunar, confift neither of a determinate number of days, nor are regulated by any cycle, but depend folely on the motions of the fun and moon ; and their months...
Page 122 - A right of way may also arise by act and operation of law : for, if a man grants me a piece of ground in the middle of his field, he at the same time tacitly and impliedly gives me a way to come at it ; and I may cross his land for that purpose without trespass°. For when the law doth give any thing to one, it giveth impliedly whatsoever is necessary for enjoying the same P.
Page 49 - In the houses of individuals, were to be found most of the comforts and not a few of the luxuries of life...
Page 92 - If a hole be opened in the middle of the bottom of a tub filled with water, the water will flow from all...
Page 143 - ... spotless, her horns unblunted, and neither flat nor quite erect, but betwixt both, it promises fair weather for the greatest part of the month. " An erect moon is generally threatening and unfavourable, but particularly denotes wind ; though if she appear with short and blunted horns, rain is rather expected.
Page 252 - Those fierce barbarians who seemed to thirst only for blood, who involved in one undistinguished ruin the monuments of ancient grandeur and ancient ingenuity, and who devoted to the flames the knowledge of ages, always forbore to offer any violence to the women. They brought along with them the respectful gallantry of the North, which had power to restrain even their...

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