A Series of Brief Historical Sketches of the Church of England, and of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States

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F.D. Harriman, 1859 - 198 pages

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Page 67 - And was a poore Parson of a town; But rich he was of holy thought and work; He was also a learned man, a clerk, That Christes Gospel trewely would preach: His parishens devoutly would he teach.
Page 181 - I never had any design of separating from the Church. I have no such design now. I do not believe the Methodists in general design it, when I am no more seen. I do and will do all that is in my power to prevent such an event.
Page 132 - And now I come to the great thing that troubleth my conscience more than any other thing that ever I said or did in my life : and that is, the setting abroad of writings contrary to the truth.
Page 89 - Christ delivered his gospel to the clergy and doctors of the church, that they might administer to the laity and to weaker persons, according to the state of the times and the wants of men.
Page 196 - The thing which hath been, it is that which shall be ; and that which is done, is that which shall be done ; and there is no new thing under the sun.
Page 89 - ... been to the most learned of the clergy, even to those of them who had the best understanding. And in this way the gospel pearl is cast abroad, and trodden under foot of swine...
Page 133 - And as for the pope, I refuse him, as Christ's enemy, and Antichrist, with all his false doctrine.
Page 89 - And in this way the gospel pearl is cast abroad, and trodden under foot of swine, and that which was before precious both to clergy and laity, is rendered as it were the common jest of both ! The jewel of the church is turned into the sport of the people, and what was hitherto the principal gift of the clergy and divines, is made for ever common to the laity.
Page 127 - ... of Christ. To which article he answered in these words, that the very natural body of Christ is not really and substantially in the sacrament of the altar ; saying also, that the mass is the iniquity of the devil ; and that the ma-ss is an idol.
Page 92 - The number of those who believed in WicklifTs doctrine very much increased, and were multiplied like suckers growing from the root of a tree. They every where filled the kingdom ; so that a man could scarcely meet two people on the road but one of them was a disciple of Wickliff.

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