A Treatise on the Investigation of Titles to Real Estate in Ontario: With a Precedent for an Abstract

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Carswell Company Limited, 1894 - Abstracts of title - 412 pages


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Page 275 - ... to make an entry or distress or bring an action to recover such land or rent, shall be deemed to have first accrued...
Page 263 - ... at the determination of the period limited by this act to any person for making an entry or distress, or bringing any writ of quare impedit, or other action or suit, the right and title of such person to the land, rent, or advowson, for the recovery whereof such entry, distress, action, or suit respectively, might have been made or brought within such period, shall be extinguished.
Page 312 - ... to be sufficient space on or at the bottom of the preceding side or page or other portion of the same paper on which the will is written to contain the signature...
Page 171 - ... mankind require that the decision of the Court in the suit shall be binding, not only on the litigant parties, but also on those who derive title under them by alienations made pending the suit, whether such alienees had or had not notice of the pending proceedings. If this were not so, there could be no certainty that the litigation would ever come to an end.
Page 83 - September be made and executed shall be adjudged fraudulent and void () against any subsequent purchaser or mortgagee for valuable consideration...
Page 70 - Priority of registration shall prevail unless before the prior registration there has been actual notice of the prior instrument by the person claiming under the prior registration.
Page 235 - The inability of the vendor to furnish the purchaser with a legal covenant to produce and furnish copies of documents of title shall not be an objection to title in case the purchaser will, on the completion of the contract, have an equitable right to the production of such documents.
Page 313 - That no appointment made by will, in exercise of any power, shall be valid, unless the same be executed in manner herein-before required; and every will executed in manner hereinbefore required shall, so far as respects the execution and attestation thereof, be a valid execution of a power of appointment by will, notwithstanding it shall have been expressly required that a will made in exercise of such power should be executed with some additional or other form of execution or solemnity.
Page 225 - ... includes any person from time to time deriving title under the original mortgagor, or entitled to redeem a mortgage, according to his estate, interest, or right, in the mortgaged property; and mortgagee includes any person from time to time deriving title under the original mortgagee...
Page 265 - Rent, and shall while entitled thereto have been dispossessed, or have discontinued such Possession or Receipt, then such Right shall be deemed to have first accrued at the Time of such Dispossession or Discontinuance of Possession, or at the last Time at which any such Profits or Rent were or was so received...

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