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s that which is connected by interest with the colonists, or hopes to obtain some thing of them.

I do not believe, that in the United States, the hour which shall give liberty to the slaves will be that of the extermination of the white race. Men were not made to destroy one another. Let the fearful take courage froin the example of Antigua. Tranquillity and concord reign there. Commerce is more flourishing than ever before. It is an error then to believe that emancipation will be destructive to industry. The abolition of slavery will multiply men, talents, intelligence, and the objects of consumption. Emancipation will secure the whites from revolts and assassination, for, what was it but the great number of slaves which rendered revolts so frequent in the last days of the Roman republic? The unnatural condition of slavery places man in continual conflict with man, spoils one man of his rights without adding any thing to the real privileges of another; and, far from favoring liberty by elevating the soul of the master, it only developes those vicious propensities which plunge him in luxury and debauchery.

Can those who really believe in a Divinity, and who constantly in voke Him in all the actions of their lives, raise their hearts without remorse in view of the wrongs under which the unhappy blacks have been crushed?


Love God above all things, and thy neighbour as thyself, and bondage would disappear from the earth.

But, in the mean time, those who profit from the bondage of their brethren, will spare no labor to prolong it. They will employ for this purpose both falsehood and force.

They will say, that the arbitrary dominion of some, and the bondage of all others is the established order of God; and to preserve their tyranny they will not fear to blaspheme Providence.

Say to such, that their god is Satan, the enemy of the human race, and that your God is he who hath conquered Šatan.

Liberty is like the kingdom of heaven; it suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

But the violence which shall place you in the possession of liberty, is not the ferocious violence of thieves and robbers, oppression, ven. geance, and cruelty; but a will strong and inflexible, a courage calm and generous.

The most holy cause becomes most impious and execrable, when crime is employed to sustain it. The man of crime, from a slave may become a tyrant, but never will he become free.-Words of a Believer.


Bring together a Turk, a Russian, a Chinese, and with pain we venture to write, an American of the United States; accuse the Chinese of assassinating his own children, the Turk of mutilating men, the Russian of selling at once the soil and the peasant, the American of breeding slaves in the land of Liberty; you hear them all without a blush plead innocent of these crimes, which they have inherited from public opinion, and which are screened by education

Nature owns neither nobles nor vassals, neither masters nor slaves neither French nor Germans, nor English; all are men! Under the dominion of this sublime truth, what people will dare to sell slaves what nation will dare to declare war against another! what man will dare to despise his fellow ?

And now we begin to comprehend the work of the creator. W love our family more than ourselves, our country more than our fami. ly, and the human race more than our country, our soul embraces the world and expands beyond it. From people to people she has arrived to the unity of the human family.

Our actions result in the rewards or pains which they merit. Good reciprocates good, evil reproduces evil. If thou buy and sell men and hold laves, all the vices of slavery will be entailed on thy family.

White is found with cold, and brown, red and black with heat This general law is perpetuated in the color of the human race Dark under the rays of the sun. and white in the temperate regions No condemnation of your poor Africans; if the doctors curse you Nature blesses you, if monstrous prejudices make you a terrible ex ception, Nature, like a tender mother, embraces you in the generality of her laws.-Civilization of the human family by means of Woman



Your Commission have been unanimous in the opinion, that the time has come to engage actively in the final abolition of slavery in our colonies; and they have thought it their duty to endeavor to de vise the best method of accomplishing that object.

Two general systems have naturally presented themselves.

The first gives liberty to the slaves individually, and by a succession of slow and progressive measures.

The second puts a stop to servitude at once, and for every slave. Your Commission, after mature investigation, were of the unanimous opinion, that simultaneous emancipation presented less inconvenience and fewer perils than gradual emancipation.

Your Commission being thus convinced, that universal emancipa. tion was the least dangerous mode of destroying slavery, have ap. plied themselves wholly to the inquiry as to the general conditions and the manner in which this emancipation should be effected.

Your Commission have repelled at once the idea of assimilating slave property to other kinds of property protected by law. They do


not admit that the restoring of a negro to liberty is a parallel case to that of a forced exaction of property by the state for the public good. Man has never had the right of possessing man, and the possession itself has always been and still is unlawful.

And even if principles concerning the use of property for the good of the community were here applicable, it is evident that the planter could not, in accordance with these principles, claim in advance the reimbursement of the total value of the slave, for in the place of the slave whom the law takes from him, it offers him a free laborer. The free workman, it is true, will only serve for wages; but the slave himself can only serve on condition of purchase, nourishment, protection, and clothing, which are wages under another form. The property of the planter, ther, is not invaded by the fact of emanci pation! he has strictly no right to an idemnity, unless, by the yet doubtful result of this emancipation, the negroes refuse to work, or the wages which they demand for their labor shall exceed the sum for which their co-operation could be compelled during slavery.

It is, nevertheless, the unanimous opinion of your Commission, that it would be neither humane, equitable, nor wise to refuse assis tance to the colonies at the hour when a general emancipation is declared, and during its operation.



Every European who meets us, as he strolls through these distant regions, for curiosity, for honor, or for gain, goads us by tauntingly, but justly pointing us to American slavery, that blot of inconsistency which so mars the escutcheon of our republican glory. And were the natives of this country, to which we have come to bring the tid ings of peace on earth and good will to men,' to know of the exis tence of American slavery, how would they be wrapt in amazement. and apply to us the cutting rebuke, 'physician, heal thyself; and with reason; for degraded as are the lower classes, and particularly the nominally christians, in these countries, who are trodden down to the dust by their Mohammedan masters, and affecting as it often is, to witness their sufferings, there is still but a small comparison between the horrors of their condition and that of the southern slaves. Yes; though I blush, and my heart sinks at the acknowleagment, candor compels me to say, that in all my travels and residence in the regions of Mohammedan despotism, I have seen nothing in the shape of oppression to equal the rigors under which millions of immortal beings are at this moment groaning, in our own christian, protestant, republican America! May the first knowledge which Persians and Nestorians shall receive of American slavery, be the intelligence of its removal, and that right early.'

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