The Compleat Sportsman; in Three Parts, Etc

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Page 144 - In case of a river that flows and reflows, and is an arm of the sea, there prima facie it is common to all : and if any...
Page 46 - That a coat* shall be more than two turns, and a go-by, or the bearing of the hare, equal with two turns.
Page 78 - I caused the keeper to sever the rascal deer from the bucks of the first head. Now, sir, a buck the first year is a fawn, the second year a pricket, the third year a sorel, the fourth year a sore, the fifth a buck of the first head, the sixth year a complete buck; as likewise your hart is the first year a calf, the second year a brocket, the third year a spade, the fourth year a stag, the fifth year a great stag, the sixth year a hart; as likewise the roebuck is the first year a kid, the second year...
Page 49 - Deer, we say, they Run Riot. When the Hounds touch the scent, and draw on till they rouze or put up the Chase, we say, they Draw on. the Slot.
Page 2 - ... may from henceforth, by writing under their hands and seals, authorize one or more gamekeeper or gamekeepers within their respective manors or royalties...
Page 140 - Jac. cap. 12. all new weares erected upon the sea-shore, or in any haven harbour or creek, or within five miles of the mouth of any haven or ' creek, are prohibited under a penalty.
Page 50 - Herd of all manner of Deer. A Bevy of Roes. A Sounder of Swine. A Rout of Wolves. A Trip or Herd of Goats.
Page 22 - And for want of Diftrefs, the Offender to be committed to the Houfe of Correction for three Months. Profecution to be within three Months.
Page 48 - The string wherein a greyhound is led, is called a leash ; and that of a hound, a lyome. The greyhound has his collar, and the hound his couples. We say a kennel of hounds, and a pack of beagles.
Page 35 - Badgers have young young Cubs, then take your old Terriers and enter them in the ground ; and when they begin to bay ; you must then hold every one of your Terriers at a sundry Hole or Mouth of the Earth, that they may listen and hear the old ones Bay. Having taken the old Fox or Badger, and that nothing remains within but the young Cubs, then couple up all your old Terriers, and put in the young in their stead, encouraging...

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