The Northern Courts: Containing Original Memoirs of the Sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark, Since 1766, Including the Extraordinary Vicissitudes in the Lives of the Grand-children of George the Second, Volume 2

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A. Constable and Company, 1818 - Denmark - 379 pages

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Page 205 - There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest. There the prisoners rest together; they hear not the voice of the oppressor. The small and great are there; and the servant is free from his master.
Page 368 - Fourth, and declared him and HIS ISSUE* now and for ever, deprived of the crown and government of Sweden. — The baron, with much firmness and animation, then asked whether this act, — this solemn resolution of his. in which his heart and tongue concurred, met with the approbation of .the members composing that august assembly ? — Long and reiterated acclamations, and "Yes! Yes! All! All!
Page 169 - ... numerous torches and flambeaux borne aloft by the military ; the glitter of burnished helmets, embroidered and spangled robes, mixed with the flashes of drawn sabres and fixed bayonets; the strong and condensed light thrown on the King's figure, countenance, litter and surrounding group ; the deep, dark masses of shade that seemed to flitter high above and far below the principal group, and the occasional illumination of the vast and magnificent outline of the structure, formed, on the whole,...
Page 257 - ... fantastic fashion and bad conception. One corner of the building of the Mint being bevelled off, a four-legged protuberance, of the Doric order, was affixed thereto, in conformity with the whimsical fancy of Gustavus III. who was misled by an unfortunate prepossession in favour of his own talents, as an architect. There certainly is not an instance in all London (and it is saying much) of a portico constructed with so little deference to correctness of judgment or true classical feeling.
Page 170 - In the midst of excruciating agonies his eyes lost not their brilliancy, and his finely expressive features displayed the triumph of fortitude over pain. Terrible and sudden as was this disaster, it did not deprive him of self-possession ; he seemed more affected by the tears that trickled down the hard yet softened features of the veterans who had fought by his side, than by the wound that too probably would soon end his life.
Page 109 - ... wife — Peter III. sometimes interrupted them. It is well known that Catherine, when seated on the Imperial throne, rewarded her lover with the Crown of Poland. His disastrous reign proved that love, in bestowing a crown, is as blind as fortune in distributing wealth, places and titles. If Stanislaus was one of the most amiable of men, he was the weakest of kings. How has it been possible that so pusillanimous a being should have been able to gain the respect of all Eur pe?
Page 22 - Frederick was the fruit of her own unassisted address, which, as it has some novelty, I shall relate : The court and senate of Sweden sent an ambassador incognito to Berlin, to watch and report upon the characters and dispositions of Frederick's two unmarried sisters, Ulrica and Amelia, the former of whom had the reputation of being very haughty, crafty...
Page 370 - The danger which might arise from the King's escape animated the Baron to new exertions, who, in an instant, throwing himself against the door, burst it open, and ran in pursuit of the King. In the next room is a spiral staircase, open all round, which ascends to the floor above.
Page 4 - Queen-Dowager of Denmark ;* and the reception she met with from the Queen of Sweden, her mother-in-law, was not at all encouraging. She had also about her person some Danish domestics, who, to have her entirely in their power, inspired her with continual fear and diffidence, which naturally caused a reserve and coldness in her behaviour, and totally removed the Prince's affection. * Juliana M.-uu. was, as usual, marked by energy and elegance, both in its composition and delivery. " Notwithstanding...

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