A General Index to the Modern Reporters, Relative to the Law Occurring at Trials by Nisi Prius: From the Period of the Revolution to the Present Times, Volume 1

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Page 348 - The rules laid down in respect of the construction of deeds are founded in law, reason and common sense — that they shall operate according to the intention of the parties, if by law they may ; and if they cannot operate in one form, they shall operate in that which by law will effectuate the intention.
Page 172 - Bill of Exchange ; it must carry with it a personal and certain credit, given to the drawer, not confined to credit upon any thing or fund...
Page 261 - Court, where a sum of money had been paid in order to procure a place in the Customs. The place had not been procured, and the party who had paid the money having brought his action to recover it back, it was held that he should recover, because the contract remained executory. So...
Page 259 - England, and that purpose was known to the plaintiffs at the time; yet they not being concerned in the smuggling, and it being a fair sale as to them, and good by the laws of the country where they lived, they were allowed to recover the price of the tea in England.
Page 382 - I give, ratify and confirm, all my estate, right, title and interest, which I now have, and all the term and terms of, years which I now have, or may have, in my power to dispose of, after my death, in whatever I hold by lease from Sir John Freeman, and also the house called the Bell Tavern, to John Billingsley...
Page 73 - An attorney has a lien on the money recovered by his client for his bill of costs; if the money come to his hands, he may retain to the amount of his bill. He may stop it in transitu if he can lay hold of it. If he apply to the court, they will prevent its being paid over till his demand is satisfied.
Page 219 - For wherever the common law gives a right or prohibits an injury, it also gives a remedy by action; and therefore, wherever a new injury is done, a new method of remedy must be pursued.
Page 252 - It may be defined to be a transaction between two or more persons, in which each party comes under an obligation to the other, and each reciprocally acquires a right to whatever is promised by the other.
Page 113 - But where the produce of the land is merely the raw material of a manufacture and used as such, and not...
Page 125 - A bond given to a creditor of a bankrupt, in order to induce him to withdraw a petition which he had preferred to the Chancellor against the allowance of the certificate, is void by the stat.

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