The Lives of John Donne: Sir Henry Wolton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson, Volume 2

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Clarendon Press, 1805

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Page 48 - This was a fair preparation for a marriage; but, alas! her father died before Mr Herbert's retirement to Dauntsey: yet some friends to both parties procured , their meeting; at which time a mutual affection entered into both their hearts, as a conqueror enters into a surprised city; and love having got such...
Page 33 - ... It hath been formerly judged that the domestic servants of the King of Heaven should be of the noblest families on earth. And though the iniquity of the late times have made clergymen meanly valued, and the sacred name of priest contemptible ; yet I will labour to make it honourable, by consecrating all my learning, and all my poor abilities to advance the glory of that God that gave them ; knowing that I can never do too much for him, that hath done so much for me, as to make me a Christian.
Page 31 - Ah, my dear God ! though I am clean forgot, Let me not love thee, if I love thee not.
Page 276 - ... our true and unfeigned purpose, desire and endeavour, for ourselves, and all others under our Power and Charge, both in public and in private, in all Duties we owe to God and Man, to amend our lives and each one to go before another in the example of a real Reformation, that the Lord may turn away his wrath and heavy indignation and establish these Churches and Kingdoms in Truth and Peace.
Page 68 - Priest did pray only for the congregation and not for himself; and when they did only pray for him, as namely, after the repetition of the creed, before he proceeds to pray the Lord's prayer, or any of the appointed collects, the priest is directed to kneel down, and pray for them, saying,
Page 96 - I do not repine, but am pleased with my want of health : and tell him, my heart is fixed on that place where true joy is only to be found ; and that I long to be there, and do wait for my appointed change with hope and patience.
Page 44 - About the year 1629, and the thirty-fourth of his age, Mr. Herbert was seized with a sharp quotidian ague, and thought to remove it by the change of air ; to which end he went to Woodford in Essex, but thither more chiefly to enjoy the company of his beloved brother, Sir Henry Herbert, and other friends then of that family. In his house he remained about twelve months, and there became his own physician...
Page 61 - And it is not unlike, but that he renewed those resolutions at his prostration before the holy altar, at his induction into the church of Bemerton ; but as yet he was but a deacon, and therefore longed for the next Ember-week, that he might be ordained priest, and made capable of administering both the sacraments.
Page 77 - Music was such, that he went usually twice every week on certain appointed days, to the Cathedral Church in Salisbury; and at his return would say, That his time spent in Prayer, and Cathedral Music, elevated his Soul, and was his Heaven upon Earth.
Page 35 - ... till Mr. Herbert undertook it ; and he by his own and the contribution of many of his kindred and other noble friends, undertook the re-edification of it...

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