Report of the Arguments of the Attorney of the Commonwealth, at the Trials of Abner Kneeland, for Blasphemy: In the Municipal and Supreme Courts, in Boston, January and May, 1834

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Beals, Homer & Company, 1834 - Blasphemy - 93 pages

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Page 90 - And every denomination of Christians, demeaning themselves peaceably, and as good subjects of the commonwealth, shall be equally under the protection of the law: and no subordination of any one sect or denomination to another shall ever be established by law.] IV.
Page 99 - And no subject shall be hurt, molested, or restrained, in his person, liberty, or estate, for worshipping GOD in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience; or for his religious profession of sentiments; provided he doth not disturb the public peace, or obstruct others in their religious worship.
Page 57 - And shall subscribe a profession of their Christian belief in these words : "I, AB, profess faith in God the Father, and in Jesus Christ, his eternal Son, the true God, and in the Holy Spirit, one God, blessed for evermore; and I do acknowledge the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by divine inspiration.
Page 130 - Gul in her bloom ; Where the citron and olive are fairest of fruit ; And the voice of the nightingale never is mute ; Where the tints of the earth, and the hues of the sky, In colour though varied, in beauty may vie...
Page 93 - It is the right as well as the duty of all men in society, publicly, and at stated seasons, to worship the Supreme Being, the great Creator and Preserver of the Universe.
Page 118 - Merciful God, what is the state of Ireland, and where shall you find the wretched inhabitant of this land...
Page 127 - ... wandering sects gathered into the fold of truth. But against such a majority we cannot effect this by force. Reason and persuasion are the only practicable instruments. To make way for these, free inquiry must be indulged; and how can we wish others to indulge it while we refuse it ourselves.
Page 58 - Be it enacted, that if any person or persons having been educated in, or at any time having made profession of the Christian religion within this realm, shall by writing, printing, teaching, or advised speaking [deny any one of the persons of the Holy Trinity to be God...
Page 119 - ... there shall be a liberty of conscience allowed in the worship of God, to all persons inhabiting or which shall inhabit or be resident within our said province, and that all such persons, except papists, shall have a free exercise of religion...
Page 18 - I envy no quality of the mind or intellect in others; not genius, power, wit, or fancy; but, if I could choose what would be most delightful, and I believe, most useful to me, I should prefer a firm religious belief to every other blessing...

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