Colombia: Siendo una relacion geografica, topografica, agricultural, comercial ... de aquel pays

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Baldwin, Cradcok, y Joy, 1822 - Colombia

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Page 582 - On the barren flank of a rock grows a tree with coriaceous and dry leaves. It's large woody roots can scarcely penetrate into the stone. For several months of the year not a single shower moistens its foliage. Its branches appear dead and dried ; but when the trunk is pierced, there flows from it a sweet and nourishing milk. It is at the rising of the sun, that this vegetable fountain is most abundant. The Blacks and natives are then seen hastening from all quarters, furnished with large bowls to...
Page lv - States, far from consulting the dictates of a policy questionable in its morality, has yielded to an obligation of duty of the highest order, by recognizing as independent states nations which, after deliberately asserting their right to that character, have maintained and established it against all the resistance which had been, or could be brought to oppose it.
Page xxxviii - ... afforded an unequivocal proof to Spain, as it must have done to other powers, of the high respect entertained by the United States for her rights, and of their determination not to interfere with them. The provinces belonging to this hemisphere are our neighbors, and have, successively, as each portion of the country acquired its independence, pressed their recognition by an appeal to facts not to be contested, and which they thought gave them a just title to it. To motives of interest, this...
Page xlv - ... separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them.
Page xxxviii - When we regard, then, the great length of time which this war has been prosecuted, the complete success which has attended it in favor of the Provinces, the present condition of the parties, and the utter inability of Spain to produce any change in it, we are compelled to conclude that its fate is settled, and that the Provinces which have declared their independence and are in the enjoyment of it ought to be recognized.
Page 37 - A Castilla ya Leon, Nuevo mundo dio Colon. (To Castile and Leon Columbus gave a new world...
Page xxxvii - Through the whole of this contest the United States have remained neutral, and have fulfilled with the utmost impartiality all the obligations incident to that character.
Page liv - In every question relating to the independence of a nation, two principles are involved: one of right, and the other of fact; the former exclusively depending upon the determination of the nation itself, and the latter resulting from the successful execution of that determination.
Page lv - Treaties, equivalent to an acknowledgment of independence, have been concluded by the commanders and viceroys of Spain herself, with the Republic of Colombia, with Mexico, and with Peru ; while in the provinces of La Plata, and in Chili, no Spanish force has for several years existed to dispute the independence which the inhabitants of those countries had declared.
Page 529 - The greater part of the people, however, have as great an antipathy to the beard, as the Eastern nations hold it in reverence. This antipathy is derived from the same source as the predilection for flat foreheads, which is seen in so singular a manner in the statues of the Azteck heroes and divinities. Nations attach the idea of beauty to every thing, which particularly characterizes their own physical conformation, their natural physiognomy-f-.

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