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Page 13 - 0, how this spring of Love resembleth Th' uncertain glory of an April day; Which now shows all the beauty of the sun; And by-and-bye, a cloud takes all away.
Page 185 - thin the charioteers, it is because they cannot be carried so soon into all quarters of the town, and despatch - so much business in so short a time.
Page 85 - Her eyes are not large, but they are full of fire, —the most brilliant, the most piercing, the most moving, imaginable. Her mouth is large; but it possesses attractions unseen in other mouths. She is not tall;' but she is easy and elegant She affects a careless air in her
Page 86 - made up - my mind to live with her as if she were not my wife; • but if you knew what I - suffer, you would pity me. My passion has reached such a point, that it
Page 52 - your discourse, and speak so as to be understood. ¿Do you fancy that a Greek term gives more weight to your arguments? And do you not think that it would be quite as well to say, “the development of the subject,” as the “protasis;” the “progress of the plot,” as the “epitasis;” and the “crowning incident,
Page 81 - the person in question - granted her favours to others, I should feel so much scorn for her that it would infallibly cure me of my passion. Moreover, you have a satisfaction which you could not have, were she a mistress: for vengeance,— - which generally succeeds to love in a heart that has been
Page 141 - Only in prose or in verse? Prof No, Monsieur. All that is not prose is verse; and all that is not verse is prose.
Page 86 - if you knew what I - suffer, you would pity me. My passion has reached such a point, that it actually takes her part against myself; and when I reflect how
Page 185 - time :—Some of them slay in chariots, and some on foot. If the infantry do less
Page 81 - of all was to continue loving a woman who. responds in no way to the tenderness lavished upon her. ‘As for me,' he continued, ‘I own that if I were so unfortunate as to find myself in such a case, and

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